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  High Speed Internet (MAR 2017) 

Here is the handout provided at the High Speed Internet meeting.    We plan to host a second meeting April 22nd, 2017 at the Pine River Library in Bayfield starting at 1:30 PM.  We expect to have pricing and most other details available at that meeting

Southwest Colorado Community Earns National Recognition for Wildfire Preparedness  (FEB 2011)

Durango, Colo. – Because of its efforts to reduce the vulnerability of homes and landscapes to wildfire, Deer Valley Estates recently earned Firewise Communities/USA® recognition from the National Firewise Communities Program.

Deer Valley Estates worked with the Colorado State Forest Service, US Forest Service, BLM and Upper Pine Fire Protection District to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) that addresses the subdivision’s wildfire risk and what could be done to mitigate that risk. The plan was completed in 2009 and residents are currently working on implementing the prioritized list of actions in the CWPP.   View the 2012 accomplishment report.

“Here in southwest Colorado, fire is an important and natural phenomenon in many of our ecosystems, especially the ponderosa pine. To think that fire is just going to go away is naďve, so it only makes sense to expect and prepare for it. Wildfire should be taken into account as new communities are designed and built, but it is also important that established subdivisions ‘retrofit’ for wildfire,” said Kent Grant, Colorado State Forest Service District Forester. And, the Deer Valley CWPP does just that.

Deer Valley Estates is the first community in southwest Colorado to be recognized as Firewise Communities/USA, joining more than 600 other communities nationwide that have been recognized since the program’s inception in 2002.

Read more about Deer Valley Estates in the story: CWPP Helps Residents with Wildfire Preparedness

Other News and Announcements:


Frontier Excavation will again be plowing the Deer Valley Property Owners Association roads this winter.  The owner of the company, has once again asked that homeowners be advised that Frontier is also available to plow homeowner's driveways.  If you would like for Frontier to plow your driveway, please contact Frontier yourself.  The DVPOA will not be a party in any agreement between you and Frontier to clear your drive.   Click this link for the 2017/2018 policy.

Please feel free to call Justin (Frontier Excavation) at 970-759-3499 or email at frontierexcavation@yahoo.com.   

Be Emergency/Evacuation Ready!

Remember neighbors we live in the woods, and although we enjoy our beautiful forest, we should always be prepared before we are in an emergency situation such as wildfire evacuation, loss of power, or becoming snowbound.  It's essential.  Please review the following attached documents prepared and/or distributed by the Firewise Council of Southwest Colorado.

Presidents Message 

The President’s Annual Report is written and distributed to Owners in advance of the Annual Meeting rather than verbally delivered and then included in the Annual Meeting minutes.  This practice is in recognition that monthly Board meeting minutes are now distributed via e-mail so those who choose may already know what has been happening.  This is intended to shorten the Annual Meeting, but in no way cut off discussion of anything Owners wish to discuss in an open forum – either at the Annual Meeting or any regular monthly Board meeting (read more).


Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Deer Valley Estates (Dec 2009):

Wildfires are not at all unusual in the area and are of a seasonal nature. The most Predominate fire threat is to the south and west of DVE on the San Juan National Forest within the Saul’s Creek area. Fires within the development are most unusual, with only one occurring in the last 25 years which was contained to approximately one (1) acre. The Missionary Ridge fire of 2002 (although not close to DVE), forced the local residents living in forested environs to further assess the hazards of living in the Wildland Interface. The initial attack for wildland and structure fires in DVE is provided by the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District (read more).


High Speed Internet is available (August 2009):

Thanks to the efforts of a number of residents over the past few years, we now have an option for fast, less expensive, internet service to Deer Valley.  Brainstorm Internet, a 10 year old Durango based company with 15,000 customers on the western slope has agreed to bring high speed internet service to Deer Valley.  This service will use the latest wireless technology transmitted from an antenna located from a central location within the Development.  Brainstorm is has been delivering this service in Deer Valley since the summer of 2009.  Please see the attached application for the service.  The initial installation fee will be $400 and the service will be $39.99/month.  Availability of this service is limited by the bandwidth capabilities will be available on a first come first serve basis.  We will also being in pursuit of competitive service providers as the need arises.  

Service Application

Note:  The another option for high speed internet is satellite service which is offered through a variety of providers.  


2017 Annual Meeting of Property Owners Association:

  • When: 1st Saturday in August
  • Where: Bayfield Lions Club 
  • Directions:  To be provided upon request
  • Agenda: Will be sent out with meeting information on July 15
  • Annual Meeting Minutes from 2016 (click here)
  • NOTICE:  Any owner interested in serving as a board member for the Association must submit a resume via email to the following address NLT June 15, 2017:  email: TeresaDowning@yahoo.com