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Deer Valley Estates Property Owners' Association, Inc. is governed by written Covenants and By-Laws (Architectural Review Guidelines are contained in the Covenants.)

Annual Meeting - The association meets annually on the first  Saturday of August for a business meeting to review financial and architectural review committee reports, property issues, and special topics and to elect a Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

NOTE:  Prior to the meeting there will be a call for resumes for anyone interested in serving the Association as a Board member.  You may recall that Association Bylaws provide for five Directors with staggered terms.  In 2017 three Directorsí terms expire.  Any Owner interested in serving as a Board member for the Association should submit his/her resume to be received by our Secretary, Teresa Downing, at PO Box 1252, Bayfield, CO 81122 or via email at teresadowning@yahoo.com  no later than June 15, 2018. 

Board of Directors (2017-2018)  The affairs of the association are governed by Board of Directors of five lot owners who have terms of two years.  Two directors terms are expiring in 2018.

Director/President: Jim Wiler (Term Ends 2018)

Director: Jon Robison (Term Ends 2018)
Director: Linda Kole (Term Ends 2019)
Director: Terry Beebe (Term Ends 2019)
Director: Paul Romere (Term Ends 2019)

Secretary:  Teresa Downing (Board Appointed)

Treasurer:  Karen Erickson (Board Appointed)

Architectural Review Committee: Les Kole, Chairman

Looking to build?  Click here for helpful websites.  Mr. Kole should be contacted prior to building and permanent structures, etc., per the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Conflict Resolution Committee:  Paul Duggan, Chairman

If you are having issues or concerns associated with your neighbors of the Board of Directors that cannot be resolved, Mr. Duggan (Lot 81) has been appointed as a mediator.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Duggan to assist you with any community conflicts. 

Welcome Committee:  Annie Bates, Chairman

Are you new to the neighborhood?  Welcome!  Ms. Bates and the other welcome committee members are here to provide a DVE network to assist you locating any local resources or answer questions about DVE and the surrounding area.  They strive to visit each new neighbor within the first month or two of residence.  

Firewise Council:  Les Kole, Chairman

Concerned about wild fires, defensible space, evacuation plans, etc.?  Mr. Kole (Lot 82) is our local representative whom can provide resource information to assist our residents.  Make sure and review the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  What happened in 2012?  View the 2012 accomplishments.

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