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Deer Valley Wildlife
(From information provided by Paul Romere, John Beebe, and Debbie Williams)

There was a large black bear sighted the evening of July 12, 1998, just before dark. It was running hard from the direction of the Hendrix place, Lot #41, across the meadow by the old log cabin on Lot #39 and up near the Short place, Lot #81, and disappeared into the woods. It was seen a week ago as it crossed the Hendrix driveway, but doesn't seem to be bothering anything here. It must not be hungry since it hasn't even bothered the Hendrix's bee hives. Our resident elk herd is still in the area and now have calves with them. We see them occasionally, but they are not in the subdivision as much as they were in years past. The coyote pack still is heard most evenings and also seem to not be bothering anything in the subdivision. Jim Short has seen a big bobcat several times over the past year in the national forest behind his house. No news of the mountain lion that was spotted several times several years ago. Deer are still in the area and we see them every once in a while. Abert squirrels, the ones with the ears with the long tufts of hair on them, are abundant. There are rabbits that look a lot like the brown cottontails of Texas. There are two sizes of chipmunks, one about the size of a large mouse and the larger about two to three times larger. They get quite brazen and will let you get close to them before running, particularly if you are near food for them, like birdseed. They eat more sunflower seeds from the squirrel feeder than the squirrels.

As for birds, the Stellar Jay is most present in the subdivision, along with a wide variety of wrens, bluebirds, juncos, finches, and many others that stop while on their migration routes. Hummingbirds are here in abundance from early April through late September. I have four quart-size feeders and have to fill them about once a week. (The mix is 4 parts water to one part sugar.) Other birds include large ravens, what we used to call crows in Texas, but I think these here are larger than the crows, bald eagles, and red tailed hawks. These are seen nearly every day. Also, wild turkeys were seen several times during the week of the property owner's meeting. One hen had about 15 chicks with her on two different occasions.

Then there are the bugs. Mosquitoes and the no-see-ums (gnats that really leave a welt) definitely make their presence known.

A moose was spotted near Lot #81 in September, 2001. He was a spike about 17+ hands high. It was suspected that he lost his way from his home range up above Lake Vallecito. We can add it to the many wonderful creatures that visited or inhabited the subdivision this year - foxes, bobcats, badgers, deer, elk, turkey, coyotes, and bears! Donít forget the many squirrels and pesky chipmunks.